INTERPOL to be asked to issue Red Notice against 5 Nepalis for gold smuggling

KATHMANDU: Nepal Police is doing homework to request INTERPOL for the issuance of Red Notice to locate, arrest and extradite five Nepalis, who are believed to be running a gold smuggling racket from Dubai.

The Central Investigation Bureau Chief, DIG Nawa Raj Silwal, said the Nepal Police has already initiated preparations to write to the intergovernmental police organisation to bring the suspects to book in Nepal.

The CIB is looking for alleged gold smuggling kingpin Hari Sharan Khadka and his accomplices Roshan Guptalal Bhusal, Ranjan Pant, Rajan Prasad Pant and Arjun Prasad Kharel for their involvement in gold smuggling to Nepal after the January 5 mega haul of 33 kg gold at the Tribhuvan International Airport.

The CIB will officially write to the National Central Bureau after arrest warrants are issued by the court, seeking INTERPOL's Red Notice against them.

There are already 14 Nepalis and two foreigners against whom Red Notice has been issued at the request of Nepal Police for the crimes that they allegedly committed in Nepal but are currently at large.

How is a Red Notice issued?

  • Police in INTERPOL member countries request a Red Notice via their National Central Bureau and provide information on the case.

  • The INTERPOL General Secretariat publishes the Notice after a compliance check is completed.
  • Police all around the world are alerted.

    Why is the Red Notice important?

  • It gives high, international visibility to cases

  • Criminals and suspects are flagged to border officials, making travel difficult

  • Countries can request and share critical information linked to an investigation.