Jamim Shah murder: Rights bodies fret about security situation

KATHMANDU: Various human rights organisations today expressed serious concern about the deteriorating security situation and on the murder of Jamim Shah, chairman of Space Time Network Pvt Ltd and Channel Nepal Television.

A statement issued by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) today said it is seriously concerned about the worsening security situation in the capital and outside. The statement urged the government to improve the security situation and guarantee people’s right to live in peace.

The NHRC said people are living in fear and terror and added that the commission is regularly monitoring the incidents of abduction and murder in Kathmandu and across the country.

The NHRC also condemned vandalism of a vehicle belonging to its Mid-Regional Office in Nepalgunj by some unidentified men and has urged the government to immediately bring the human rights violators to book and enforce law and order.

Human Rights and Peace Society (HURPES) also condemned the murder and asked the government

to investigate the case without delay. A press statement issued by the society

urged the government to be serious on peace and security in the country.

Human Rights Organisation of Nepal and Human Development and Peace Campaign have also demanded investigation into Shah’s murder and punishment to the guilty. The National Network of Nepalese Print Media, the Rastriya Prajantantra Party Nepal

and the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry also expressed serious concern over Shah’s murder.

They have sought an investigation into the case. They have also urged the government to be serious about the security situation in the country.

They further urged the government to put an end to impunity and insecurity, while also urging organisations concerned to ensure peace and security.

When a traffic policeman sprung into action

KATHMANDU: Chairman of Space Time Private Limited Jamim Shah had been shot at and the culprits fled when a traffic policeman reached the spot.

People were running

helter skelter but the

police official rescued the victims alone.

Soon, a policeman guarding a nearby embassy

came running and informed police personnel around through his walkie-talkie in about seven minutes, a source at the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division said today.

The policeman saw that Shah’s driver was alive and sent him to a hospital in a white taxi with the help of some civilians.

The official happened to spot Shah, who was covered in blood, not long afterwards. He opened the door of the Pajero jeep and pulled Shah out. The official vacated an approaching micro bus and sent Shah to the Teaching Hospital in Maharajgunj.

Despite the fact that there is a police post nearby, it was a traffic policeman to report to the incident site first, the source said. Had the men in the post responded urgently, maybe the culprits would have been caught.

The civil police stationed nearby have been

accused of inaction despite being informed by the traffic official.

The source said, “Our

official, though unarmed, ran to the spot and rescued the injured. There was

no traffic jam before the incident.”