Kathmandu, August 19:

Parliamentarians today raised questions over the implementation of the Working Journalists’ (Second Amendment) Act, 2007 passed by the House earlier this month.

“The question now is what is happening on the implementation aspect of the law. Is the government in the know about it?” said Dilendra Prasad Badu who is a former information and communication minister, demanding information from the government on the enforcement of the law which was drawn up to improve the condition of working journalists.

He raised the issue of instituting a media commission to monitor the activities of media houses and report anomalies in the implementation of the governing laws.

Journalist-turned-politician Raghuji Pant asked the government about the implementation of the law that has been hailed by the Federation of Nepalese Journalists.

CPN-MaoistMP Amrita Thapa raised the issue of integration of the Maoist combatants in the national army. The current session of Parliament will be prorogued tomorrow.