Kalimati market to open today

Kathmandu, August 24:

The Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market, which was closed yesterday after a dispute between a porter and wholesaler, will reopen tomorrow.

An agreement to open the market was reached during talks held at the Metropolitan Police Circle Kalimati between wholesalers and porters today.

President of Vegetable Wholesalers Committee Bharat Khatiwada said both the parties agreed not to assault each other. “We also agreed to put in place a mechanism comprising representatives of porters, wholesalers, transport workers and Kalimati Vegetable and Fruit Board to sort out such conflicts.”

Porter Milan Lama and wholesaler Surya Lama clashed after the latter reportedly misbehaved with the former. Bhagwan Chandra Upreti, a wholesaler, said, “The situation went out of control when the porters called the Young Communist League to beat up the wholesalers, who had teamed up and thrashed the porters.”

Police were deployed in the market area to control the situation. Wholesalers Raju Adhikary, Narayan Oli and Ragan Regmi, who were seriously injured in a clash with YCL cadres, were admitted to the Kathmandu Hospital.

Upreti said the conflict took an ugly turn due as sister organisations of political parties intervened.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Alliance today condemned the YCL’s attack on vegetable wholesalers.