Karki defends CIAA decision to quiz "big fishes", vows to carry on with ongoing investigation

KATHMANDU: The chief of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority, Lokman Singh Karki, vowed to carry on with the ongoing investigation into corruption cases notwithstanding the consequences he would have to face.

Addressing a programme organised on the occasion of ‘International Anti-corruption Day 2015’ here in the Capital on Wednesday, Karki said what the anti-graft body had been doing was on a par with its policies as well as the country’s laws and norms.

Making an oblique reference, Karki defended the CIAA’s recent decision to quiz some high-profile people. “We have done nothing wrong by seeking the source of somebody’s income. We have not undermined anybody’s prestige,” he said, adding that the anti-graft body neither has made any arrests nor raided anybody’s home at this stage.

Karki argued that the CIAA has followed standard procedure to summon some people.

“Those who should know about these investigations and those who are in charge of taking decisions about these things are in the know,” Karki said in response to some recent media reports that some commissioners of the anti-graft body were not in the loop about the current investigation against some high profiled cases.

Karki said his office never acted with ill intention against anybody.

“We thoroughly probe the cases and we file the cases in the court only after we have enough ground for it,” he added.

Stating that most of the individual complaints lodged at the CIAA lacked evidences, Karki said his office filed 303 cases in one year out of 30,000 complaints.

He said though the CIAA was criticised for not investigating the cases of big fish his office was not going to spare any guilty persons.