Kathmandu Metropolitan City has halted the vaccination programme that had started on June 8, for an indefinite period.

Issuing a notice on Thursday, the metropolis said the stock of Vero Cell vaccines that were distributed to the district by the Department of Health Services has all been used. As such, the KMC cited that the programme could not be conducted further in lack of adequate doses of the vaccine.

The inoculation drive had targeted people falling in the age group between 60 and 64, and was slated to run till June 12.

Over 18,000 residents of KMC have been inoculated with the first dose in last two days.

"On the first day, 8,747 people between the age of 60 and 64 years got vaccinated and 9,366 got the shots on the second day," said the health division of the metropolis.

The office had earlier stated that it aimed to inoculate at least a 100,000 metropolis residents in this phase.