KMC inspection team begins on-site monitoring of under-construction houses

Kathmandu, February 2

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City office has begun on-site monitoring of under-construction houses to see if they are being constructed following the prescribed standards. The KMC has formed an inspection committee for the purpose.

KMC Executive Officer Rudra Singh Tamang said the committee was formed to check irregularities in the issuance of building permit and construction of new buildings. He said the KMC would immediately halt construction if they are found violating the building code.

The government has enforced the building code and other standards so as to build resilient communities in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes of April 25 and May 12 that resulted in huge loss of lives and property.

Any owner who bypasses the building code will be asked to demolish the illegal structures. If they fail to do so within the given time, the local authorities will themselves demolish the buildings. However, the expenses for the demolition will be borne by the house owners.

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development has issued Basic Guideline on Settlement Development, and Urban Planning and Building Construction-2072 stipulating standards for construction of new buildings.