KMC to take stern action against street vendors

Kathmandu, May 7

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has decided to take stern action against vendors encroaching pavements and blocking people’s movement with their business.

KMC has said it will not allow street vendors to occupy footpaths and streets. Roadside business has blocked people’s movement and affected traffic in the Capital.

“None of the vendors will be allowed to sell on the roadside. The metropolis has already decided and will take action after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the country,” said Gyanendra Karki, Spokesperson at KMC.

“People selling items along the roadside and streets have been hampering traffic as well as  the beauty of the city. People have a hard time walking freely along the pavements. The footpaths should not be occupied by anyone,” added Karki.

Though it is illegal to operate business on the pavements and roadside, the vendors are doing their business at certain hours only during morning and evening. “We will mobilise KMC police to control activities up to 10:00pm,” said Karki.

Previously, the city police had been mobilised till 6:00pm. The metropolis has been returning seized items to the vendors after taking fines from them, but now the items confiscated will be auctioned and sold.

Meanwhile, Kathmandu Metropolitan City also stated that no other alternative place will be allocated to the vendors to conduct their business.