• 'Disaster Area' declared based on Natural Calamity (Relief) Act, 1982
  • Some civilian rights can be curtailed for the period of one year
  • Foreign nationals and agencies may have to take government's approval to enter for any  purpose
  • Extension possible if work not finished or situation not brought under control during the period

At least 73,317 privates houses -- 36,973 in Kathmandu, 17,444  in Lalitpur and 18,900 in Bhaktapur -- were fully damaged by the tremors, while as many as 67,871 houses--50,753 in Kathmandu, 8,064 in Lalitpur and 9,054 in Bhaktapur -- were partially damaged in the Kathmandu Valley, according to the Government of Nepal's Disaster Risk Reduction Portal.

Some damaged structures and the ones that are on the verge of collapse have posed threat to the public life and need to be demolished.

Likewise, the DRR Portal's record shows that as many as 307 government buildings were fully damaged, while 546 others were partially damaged.

Many cultural heritage sites also have been affected in the earthquakes.

  • No. of private houses damaged

    Districts          Partially     Fully

    Kathmandu    50,753         36,973

    Lalitpur           8,064            17,444

    Bhaktapur      9,054            18,900

    Total                67,871        73,317

  • No. of government houses damaged

    Districts          Partially     Fully

    Kathmandu   277              85

    Lalitpur           198             217

    Bhaktapur      51                5

    Total                546           307

It is estimated that the earthquake of April 25 and series of aftershocks that followed it have caused damage worth Rs 513.38 billion to physical infrastructures and assets across the country.

Ghale goodwill ambassador

Meanwhile, the Cabinet decided to appoint Shesh Ghale, the chairman of Non-Residential Nepali Association (NRNA), a goodwill ambassador of the Nepal Reconstruction Funds in order to collect support from the international communities.

Tourism promotion committee

Also, it decided to form a national committee to promote tourism, which has been badly hit by earthquake. Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation Kripasur Sherpa heads the committee.