Khyati intoxicated before killing: Police

KATHMANDU: A special probe committee, formed to look into the murder of Khyati Shrestha, has concluded that accused Biren Shrestha (Pradhan) intoxicated her by mixing ecstasy tablets in her coffee and soft drink before beating her to death with an iron rod on the same day she was abducted.

Organising a press meet here today, DIG Bharat Bahadur GC said, “It was a pre-planned murder in cold blood. Medical reports conclude that Khyati was given an overdose of ecstasy tablet in Shrestha’s rented apartment at Khusibu Town Planning area. He repeatedly beat on her head with an iron rod soon after she fell unconscious.”

According to the police, Khyati’s parents had invited Pradhan, their long-time acquaintance and a former tutor, for dinner at their residence in Anamnagar some 20 days before her abduction to

consult with him about her future career.

“Gopal and Radha, Khyati’s parents, informed Shrestha about their daughter’s aim of becoming a pilot. The Shresthas also informed Biren that they can invest more than Rs 2.5 million to fund the pilot course”, GC added. No sooner Pradhan got tip-off about Shresthas’ deep pocket, he began to weave plan to abduct Khyati for hefty ransom, GC said.

“It was clearly an organised killing. Shrestha began making plan once he came to know about the the Shresthas’s bank balance,” said Nawaraj Silwal, Superintendent of Police, at the Metropolitan Police Range Hanumandhoka.

The police also revealed that Merina Shakya was the only witness of the gruesome killing. “Merina helped Biren chop off Khyati’s body, pack them up in cartons and wash the blood pool”, revealed GC.

The police also claimed that Biren made a plan to abduct Khyati for ransom because he had gone bankrupt.

Khyati’s limbs were found on the Mugling-Narayangarh road on June 13, while her torso was found near Sainbu in Lalitpur on June 21. Her severed head was found at Goldhunga Village Development Committee-6 on

June 25.