Kin of missing submit memo to PM

Govt to make public status of missing after Maoists do so

Kathmandu, September 12 :

Following eight days of sit-in protest at Bhadrakali, the Society of Missing People handed over a memorandum to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala this morning.

The relatives of the missing persons have demanded that the government make public the status of those missing in the conflict.

A delegation of the society led by convener Sharmila Tripathy also demanded the government release people extradited by the Indian government.

The society has demanded the prime minister provide compensation to the missing persons’ relatives who were beaten up during protest programmes.

It said security forces looted their belongings, including clothes, bags, tents, watches, ornaments, banners and flags.

The society has also demanded immediate release of all leaders and cadres of the CPN-Maoist who are still languishing in different prisons in the country and also persons arrested in China and India.

“The government should dismiss autocratic monarchy and establish a democratic republic through elections to a constituent assembly,” a statement issued by the society said. “The government should take action against security forces involved in the suppression of the people’s war and the people’s movement,” it added.

The society has also demanded that foreign intervention in Nepal’s affairs be stopped immediately.

Prime Minister Koirala said the government will make public the whereabouts of the missing as soon as the rebels make public the status of those disappeared from their side.