King attends Samyak Mahadan

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, January 14:

Thousands of Buddhists today attended the Samyak Mahadan ceremony, a ritual celebrated every 12 years, at Bhuikhel, next ot Swayambhu hill, today. The idols of Dipakar Buddha decked up in colourful attires and jewelleries were displayed and worshipped in Bhuikhel.

King Gyanendra as a patron of the programme graced the ceremony. King also felicitated 12 organisers of the Samyak Mahadan. King Gyanendra had accepted the invitation made on January 5 by the delegates of Samyak Mahadan Trust. “Mahadan is sacred occasion and is attended by people ranging from laymen to the King,” said Suvarna Shakya, secretary of Samyak Mahadan.

The ceremony was observed by the various rituals by both male and female head members of the organisers’ guthi. Different sub-castes (Kansakar, Baniya, Shilakar, Shakya, Bajracharya, Tuladhar) from the Newar communities of Kathmandu, specialised in different occupations offered 84 traditional delicacies.