Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, January 5:

A delegation of the Samyak Mahadan Trust today met King Gyanendra at the Narayanhity Palace and invited him to the Buddhist ritual of Samyak Mahadan.

The lavish ritual, which takes place once in 12 years at Bhuikhel in Swoyambhu, is being observed on January 14. The King will grace the ceremony as the patron of the ritual during which over 100 Dipankar Buddhas will be invited to receive the alms, the organisers said. The Mahadan secretary Suvarna Shakya presented the invitation to the King. One hundred delegates from Wottu Bahal, Itum Bahal and Lagan Bahal followed the trustees to the Palace with a musical band and varieties of sweets.

Chief trustee of the Mahadan Bhaju Ratna Shakya, who is conducting the Samyak ceremony for the fourth time, said, “The ceremony is observed to combat natural calamities and for peace in the country.” He said Samyak Mahadan is held on Maghe Sankranti day by activating the most revered Dipankar Buddha and Swoyambhu Buddha. A day before the Samyak ceremony, hundreds of images of Dipankar Buddhas of different Bahals will be brought together in the vicinity of the Hanuman Dhoka.