Lady’s 30-day meditation-cum-fast ends

Bhaktapur, February 8:

It is hard to believe that one can stay alive without taking food for a month. However, a 27-year old woman, from Bhaktapur Municipality ward no 8 today, proved that one could live without food for a month.

Rabinananda Kiju today came out of a seven-cubic feet pit at Sallaghari ground in Bhaktapur amid hundreds of people after a month-long meditation.

She had been meditating inside a pit at Sallaghari having only water. The supporters of Manokranti matrix, a school for manokranti followers, pulled her out of the pit in the presence of Lekhnath Neupane, parliamentarian, Madan Krishna Shrestha, former mayor of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality and Dr yogi Bikashananda, patron of manokrani.

Speaking at a programme organised by Manokrani National Campaign, Bhaktapur to make Rabinananda public, Shrestha said that people should practice yoga because it helps to emerge the power that people have within themselves. He also said that Rabinanada has helped to draw attention across the country on Bhaktapur.

Yogi Dhrubananda said that she was meditating in the darkness for self-awareness. He said, “She was on underground meditation to know herself and recognise her internal power.”

Dhrubananda said this is the second longest time meditation record. A year ago, a manokranti matrix’s student had meditated for 57 days without food at Godawari.

Manokranti followers are on a nationwide campaign for raising awareness among people to know themselves through three to seven-day meditation.