Law Minister accuses Madhesi Front of staging drama

KATHMANDU: Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Ajaya Shankar Nayak criticised the alliance of Madhesi parties for rejecting the new Constitution amendment proposal and announcing fresh agitation against the scheduled elections.

Talking to media corps in the Capital today, the Maoist minister maintained that the local level elections, scheduled for May 14, would happen even if the United Democratic Madhesi Front constituents boycotted them.

"But we will be flexible till the last minute for agreement," he added, saying the government was not in favour of holding elections one-sidedly by crushing the Madhesi Front.

He claimed that the government brought in the new Constitution amendment bill after holding consultation with the Madhesi Front.

"But the Madhesi Front dramatically rejected the amendment proposal," he said.

The Madhesi Front's agitation would but affect the Madhes and prevent Madhesi people from exercising their rights, said Nayak, "It could not be understood why this drama is being staged. Now, elections won't stop, no matter what."

If an agreement is forged and the Madhesi Front comes to take part in the elections, he said, the local level elections can be held in two phases.