Law Minister claims Nepali girls 'sell themselves' to earn MBBS certificate in Bangladesh

KATHMANDU: Minister for Law, Justice, & Parliamentary Affairs Sher Bahadur Tamang has said that Nepali girls who have gone to Bangladesh to study MBBS, have to 'sell themselves' in order to receive their certificates.

Minister Tamang made the statement at a school event in presence of students and their guardians in Praxis Int'l Academy in Chabahil, Kathmandu.

He claimed that due to lack of enough institutions in Nepal, students have to opt to go abroad to pursue MBBS degree where the girls are forced to compromise at some point to earn their degree. Minister Tamang further said that the onus of such unfortunate situation is on the people who are against the idea of opening more colleges and the 'white-robed' professionals who don't want more people coming into their profession.

People have taken to social media to condemn the minister's statement saying this could harm the reputation of students currently pursuing their education in Bangladesh, all the while demoralising them.

But then, can a minister say anything in public ? He's talking at a school program.. imagine the opinion the kids would make about graduates from Bangladesh. Isn't this against law ?

— A͌̎̊̆͑̈́͋̏̕̕² (@yeattu) July 21, 2018

Earlier, a video of B&C Medical College Executive Director, Durga Prasai had surfaced in which he made similar claims. Prasain had tried to justify the affiliation to new medical colleges saying that the press should be investigating the fate of Nepali 'chelis' being sexually exploited in Bangladesh for earning their MBBS degree.

डा केसीकाे निस्वार्थ अान्दोलनलाई बदनाम गरेर,देशका सम्पुर्ण अामा,दिदिबहिनीलाइ नै बेइज्जत गर्ने यस्ता महान ब्यक्तिकाे महान उद्देश्य पुर्तिका लागि साथ र समर्थन दिनुहुने महान नेता,बुद्धिजीवी र बिद्धानहरुलाई साधुवाद!#StopAmendingMedicalBill#IamwithDrKc#BackOffMedicalEducationBill

— Chyaban Ghimire (@chghimire) July 20, 2018

B&C is one of the medical colleges seeking govt affiliation.

Prasai is the same person who had also said, 'in a fight for a great cause of establishing medical colleges, a death of a person or two is insignificant', in context of medical activist Dr Govinda KC's fast-unto-death demanding reforms in medical education.

Both these claims were made sans any substantial evidence.