Leaders’ reaction on budget

Baburam Bhattarai (UCPN-M leader)

It is not qualitative, optimistic and encouraging budget as was expected in the aftermath of devastating earthquake and when the country’s political system is entering a new phase. Priorities have not been determined for structural improvement in the country’s economy and increase the economic growth from around three per cent to double digit growth. We need to create five lakh jobs every year, but the budget has announced only 50,000. The money allocated for rebuilding is not sufficient. Budget for education sector has fallen to approximately 12.5 per cent from 16-17 per cent allocated in the past years. The budget does not open avenue for economic revolution.

Jitendra Narayan Dev (MJF-Nepal leader)

It is good in comparison to past budgets but not so encouraging from qualitative aspect. It has not given due priority to inclusiveness and the issues raised during the pre-budget discussions.