Legal procedures have begun, cannot divulge details of Silwal case: Nepal Police

KATHMANDU: The tussle between former Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Nawaraj Silwal and Nepal Police reached its peak on Tuesday with Nepal Police issuing a notice to Silwal to present himself at the Lalitpur Metropolitan Police Office.

The notice was served asking Silwal to assist with the ongoing probe on the 'document forgery' case. However, Nawaraj Silwal had apparently left for Malaysia on Monday to participate in a programme organised by Asian Institute of Technology,

On being asked about Nepal Police's official statement on the issue, spokesperson for Nepal Police, DIG Manoj Neupaney said that legal procedures have now begun and the police is investigating into the case. "We cannot say anything further since the case is under development and even the smallest distraction can affect the proceedings."

Likewise, Superintendent of Police (SP) Ram Dutta Joshi of the Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Range said that the police cannot divulge details to anybody other than the concerned parties. "We are conducting investigations and to give out details to anybody would mean violation of law," said Joshi.

The apex court in its full text of the decision in a case related to appointment of the chief of Nepal Police had earlier said that the performance evaluation reports presented by the Public Service Commission and petitioner Silwal did not match and had thus ordered an investigation into the documents forgery case.

BACKGROUND: The cabinet had promoted DIG Prakash Aryal as the IGP of Nepal Police following which Silwal had moved the Supreme Court claiming that the report, based on which Aryal was promoted, was inaccurate. Silwal provided a report indicating that he was two points ahead of Aryal to the court. The court in its final verdict had asked the government authorities concerned to investigate the case.

Silwal then tendered his resignation and joined UML, ultimately contesting the polls immediately after getting party-membership. He was elected a Member of Parliament from Lalitpur-1.