Lekhi's party merges with Mahato's Sadbhawana

KATHMANDU: The Rajendra Mahato-led Sadbhawana Party and Rajkumar Lekhi-led Nagarik Samajwadi Party formally merged on Tuesday.

Mahato and Lekhi signed a 10-point agreement for the merge, and announced that the "unified party" will be extended as a national party bringing on board people from all three regions -- Himal, Pahad and Tarai, and all communities including Tharu, Madhesi, Janajati and Khas Arya.

Mahato, who is one of the champions of ongoing agitation in Tarai-Madhes region, and Lekhi, who leads similar struggle in Tharuhat region, have agreed to support the movement for a separate Tharuhat state, and expedite the process of unification with other parties that have similar political agenda and ideology.

Sadbhawana Party has three lawmakers in the Parliament, while Lekhi's party do not have any representation in the Parliament.