‘Life and Education of Children in Nepal’ published

Kathmandu, June 18

India-based Adroit Publishers has published ‘Life and Education of Children in Nepal; Pre and Post Peace Agreement’ penned by a Nepali writer.

Shree Prasad Devkota, the author, tells heart rending stories of the conflict-affected schoolchildren, who were under  18 years of age during the period of 1996-2006, the era of armed conflict in Nepal.

The book has tried to grasp the scenario in which many children were forced to quit school for reasons, including involvement of their parents in the armed conflict, their own motivation to join the war, and security threats the families faced from both the army and the insurgents. This book asserts that international protocols and conventions with regard to rights of children, were totally neglected by both the warring parties.

Also it says that voices of the children were largely treated with indifference after the conflict and during the peace process.

There was also a problem while rehabilitating them in the post-conflict period. Now the war has ended, but anecdotes of the conflict still remain in society, the book concludes.