•  With this, the number of significant aftershocks(ML4.0 or above) of the April 25 earthquake has reached 325
KATHMANDU: A light tremor was felt in the Kathmandu Valley on Thursday. According to the National Seismological Centre, it recorded an aftershock of local magnitude 4.1 in Dhading at 8:24 am. The coordinates 28.14°N, 85.11°E provided by the NSC shows that the epicentre was in the northern side of Dhading, near Jharlang and Borang, towards Dhunche of neighbouring Rasuwa district. With this, the number of significant tremors (ML4.0 or above) has reached 325. Thousands of minor aftershocks have also occurred. The NSC had recorded four aftershocks of the April 25 earthquake yesterday morning. One of them had its epicentre in Kirtipur of Kathmandu Valley, while two in Sindhupalchok and the fourth one in Tibet, bordering Sindhupalchok district.  The official death toll in the April 25 earthquake and its subsequent aftershocks has reached 8795 , while hundreds of people are still unaccounted for. As many as 733 people lost their life in Dhading district alone.