Kathmandu, May 30

Following recommendation by the central government, the Federal Public Service Commission has come up with a schedule to recruit 9,161 civil servants for local governments.

The FPSC today announced that it was all set to hire more than nine thousand employees for 515 local governments.

Of 9,161 employees to be hired by FPSC, nine are for economic plan and statistic service, 3,638 for engineering service, 10 for judicial service, 4,097 for administrative service, 805 for educational service and remaining 602 for other services. FPSC is responsible for recruiting civil servants for the central government only. Provincial Service Commission that is supposed to recruit employees at provincial and local levels is yet to be formed.

Hence, the central government entrusted the FPSC to hire civil servants for local governments, in line with the Civil Servant Adjustment Act.

“The commission has followed the decision by the government to hire employees for local levels,” Chair of the FPSC Umesh Mainali said, during a press conference today, adding that it has already started the process, which would be completed this mid-December. According to Organisation and Management Survey by the Ministry of the Federal Affairs and General Administration — a total of 84,409 posts were created under the central government, 22,297 posts under the provincial governments and 66,908 posts under the 753 local levels. Percentage-wise, 35 per cent of posts were created for the centre, 16 per cent posts for the provinces and 49 per cent for the local levels.

Total, 40,409 employees were integrated into the centre, 14,659 employees in the seven provinces, while 31,043 employees were integrated at local levels, as per the government’s employee adjustment process.

As most of the civil servants under the adjustment process were integrated into the centre, local governments have been facing a shortage of staffers.

Local levels and provincial governments had been requesting the federal government to provide enough civil servants for their smooth functioning.