Consular attestation is mandatory for submitting documents to foreign authorities 

Kathmandu, January 7

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has issued circular for all local levels, directing them to verify authenticity of documents issued by rural municipalities or municipalities and local registrars, before recommending sevice-seekers to the Department of Consular Services for attestation.

Any document issued by local levels for service-seekers, which is meant to be presented abroad, is required to be attested by the DoCS. Local levels and wards office have also been told to provide information for service-seekers about requirement to verify documents compulsorily, for their attestation by the DoCS.

The DoCS has the responsibility to maintain effective coordination with Nepali missions abroad to provide legal assistance, compensation and insurance amount for legal heir of the Nepalis undertaking various jobs and professions in foreign countries; rescue the stranded Nepali abroad and repatriate bodies of Nepalis in the event of their death abroad.

These tasks are performed on the basis of document issued by the concerned local levels. Section Officer Janakraj Sharma at Local Level Coordination Section of MoFAGA said the circular was issued yesterday to all metropolitan cities, sub-metropolitan cities, municipalities and rural municipalities, in response to a letter from the DoCS, which said hundred of service-seekers have returned home daily without getting their documents attested as the documents were not verified by chief administrative officer or chief of registration section of the concerned local level. Consular attestation of documents is mandatory to submit them to foreign authorities. MoFAGA has directed all local levels to send specimen signature of officials, who sign in the documents issued by local bodies to the DoCS.

The DoCS sought specimen signature of authorised officials of the local levels after some of the documents purportedly issued by them were found to be fake. Rackets involved in producing fake government documents like recommendation letter, citizenship certificate, driving licence, academic credential and migration certificate are still active despite police crackdown.

According to MoFAGA, specimen signature of local level officials, who sign in the documents to be submitted to the DoCS for attestation, will help the concerned authorities to verify authenticity of the documents and prevent forgery of government seal and signature.

The DoCS will attest the documents issued by the local levels only if the signatures affixed in the documents matched the specimen signatures obtained from metropolitan cities, sub-metropolitan cities, municipalities and rural municipalities across the country.