Looking to enter Kathmandu? You'll need permit from local and district authorities

KATHMANDU: If you are looking to enter the Kathmandu valley following the loosening of lockdown restrictions, getting access may not be as simple as you think it would be.

An entry permit issued by the local level where a person is residing currently would be required to get through the valley's crossing points. According to the Kathmandu District Administration Office, people that are travelling to Kathmandu should, upon receiving a document verifying the reason for travel from the local government, should then file an application at the concerned District Administration Office.

The DAO must then forward the details provided by the local government to the Administration Office in Kathmandu which will then analyse the reason for travel asses the potential risks of infection from the applicant willing to enter the valley.

If the Kathmandu District Administration verifies the reason for travel and the applicant clears risk assessment, then only would they be allowed entry.

According to the DAO, such provision has been implemented in accordance with the June 10 decision of the Cabinet. The Ministry of Home Affairs had later, on June 12, issued a directive along the lines.

Similarly, in case somebody needs to travel out of the valley, they'll have to submit an application with supporting documents at the Kathmandu District Administration and go through similar procedure.