Machhindranath chariot to be towed on next Tuesday

LALITPURThe God of harvest and rainfall in Newari culture, Rato Machhindranath's chariot would be pulled from Lagankhel on July 26 on the occasion of "Machhindranath Jatra", the longest festival in Kathmandu Valley.

The chariot which has arrived at Thati of Lagankhel in Lalitpur would be pulled and paraded around Lalitpur from Lagankhel to Jawalakhel via Kumaripati, said Acting Chief of Guthi Sansthan, Baikuntha Acharya.

An event of the festival called "Bhoto Jatra" falls four days after the Machhindranath's chariot arrives at Jawalakhel. The event features the display of a vest inscribed with diamond and precious stones.

Rato Machhindranath's chariot festival  began from the time of Malla King Narendra Dev. Every year, the festival begins before the monsoon arrives in the Valley. The chariot is pulled from Pulchok through Gabahal, Mangalbazaar, Patan Sundhara, Mikhabahal, Lagankhel, Thati, Kumaripati and concludes at Jawalakhel after the "Bhoto Jatra."