Himalayan News Service

Bhaktapur, March 22:

The Monuments Conservation and Palace Caretaker Office (MCPCO) Bhaktapur unit has begun its efforts to conserve the ancient Mahadev Pokhari at Nagarkot village development committee of Bhaktapur district.

For this it has started fencing the pond and managing drains there.

Devendra Nath Tiwari, the head of the MCPCO Bhaktapur said putting fence around the pond would cost about Rs 50,000.

“The number of people visiting the pond has increased drastically and it has threatened the pond more than ever which has necessitated fencing,” said Amrit Ratna Shakya, overseer at the MCPCO.

Tiwari also informed that a lot of people flock at the pond during the month-long Swasthani festival and tourists and picnikers also gather near the pond mainly on Saturdays.

“The dirty water flowing into the pond has polluted the water and hence the drains which are under construction will divert the flow of the dirty water thus reducing pollution in the pond,” he informed.

The Monuments Conservation and Palace Caretaker Office has also begun reconstructing the pavement leading to the Ganeshsthan at Bageswori village development committee of Bhaktapur because the existing one is wearing off. The reconstruction is estimated to cost about Rs 75,000.

Tiwari informed that the MCPCO is planning to allocate budget for the conservation and development of both the religious places.