Mahara hits out at non-Maoist ministers

Kathmandu, April 19:

Maoist leader and Minister for information and communication Krishna Bahadur Mahara today accused ministers representing the seven parties of disrupting work in ministries looked after by the Maoists.

“We are indeed having a very tough time. We are not being helped by other ministers and we have to maintain relations with other ministers who are determined to disrupt work at our ministries,” he told journalists after a media-related programme. He said the political appointees of the former government in their ministries are creating problems.

Addressing the function, Mahara said the government is going to bring in a new programme for the media to concentrate on the constituent assembly election. “Since the constituent assembly election is our one and only goal at this moment of time, we are seeking strong cooperation from the media and a special programme is being launched to disseminate information on the polls at all levels,” he said.

He said the government-run media are all accustomed to the old tradition and despite the political changes, they are not willing to change and work for the people’s sake.