Man paralysed after attack seeks justice

Kathmandu, June 28:

Rudranath Adhikari, whose lower right part has been paralysed due to an attack on him by an armed group some three months ago, today appealed to civil society and media to press the government to provide him justice by booking the guilty.

Organising a press conference today, Adhikari said that the police were reluctant to arrest those allegedly involved in a bid to murder him.

“The guilty are moving freely in the capital, but the police have not arrested them,” he said.

Though the Kathmandu District Court had asked the police to present

Ashok Lama, Che Limbu and Kanchha Tamang before the court, the police were hesitant to catch them, he said.

“I was preparing to go to the US with my daughter when the gang attacked me with a knife and rod in a bid to murder me at Koteshwor on April 26. I, the sole breadwinner of my family, cannot earn for even a sustenance now,” Adhikari said.

Adhikari alleged that the police did not make any effort to bring the alleged mastermind of the attack—Tek Jung Limbu and Umid Pakhrin — from Afghanistan.

On the occasion, advocate Dinesh Tripathi and ANNISU-R leader Himal Sharma said their respective organisations were ready to help Adhikari.