Manokranti students to perform stunts

Kathmandu, November 13:

Followers of Manokranti will be performing various stunts amid a gathering at Khulamanch on November 16 and 17. Around 35 Manokranit Yodhas will walk on the fire on November 16 and will let bus ply on their bodies on November 17.

Speaking at the press conference today organised by Manokranit Sadak Sangh (MSS), Yogi Bikahananda, Patron of MSS said: “We want to prove that we can so everything despite our limitations,” adding: “To prove so we are demonstrating the stunts which is a combination of mind technology and meditation.”

He said as many people are curious to know about such stunts, the MSS is going to organise various activities at Khulamanch at free of cost.

Kedar Khadka, general secretary of MSS also said that they are also running yoga, super-learning and psycho-cybernetics classes at Khulamunch from November 18.

Khadka said around 80 students are ready to do such activities without bothering about the risks involved during the stunts.