Maoist Centre to join government within two days: Minister Pandit

KATHMANDU: Newly appointed Population and Environment Minister Lal Babu Pandit has clarified that a cabinet including ministers from CPN Maoist Centre will take shape within two days.

Speaking at an interaction programme organised in the Capital on Friday, Pandit remarked that the unification process between CPN-UML and CPN Maoist Centre has reached its final stages and declarations on the same would also be made soon.

Moreover, Minister Pandit has said that he would spend a few days to gain insights on the policies of Ministry of Population and Environment (MoPE). “I will carry out discussions with experts as I am yet to study the polices adopted by MoPE,” Pandit said.

Likewise, Pandit has committed to utilise the natural resources and heritages of Nepal for the country's welfare.

Pandit -- who once said he would curb down crime rate in the country if given the responsibility of home minister -- was questioned on his satisfaction over appointment as MoPE Minister, to which he clarified that he had no reservations.

“The responsibilities can be interchanged at any point of time in a Prime-ministerial System, hence, I have no reservations,” Pandit remarked, “I will rather work for public welfare with added satisfaction.”