Marwaris urge security for better business

Marwaris stress security for better businessHimalayan News ServiceKathmandu, April 11Former chairman of Nepal National Marwari Parishad (NNMP), Hulas Chandra Golchha, said that there is a crucial necessity for a powerful and determined leader to solve the national problem.The Marwari community stressed the need for peace in the country to improve the industrial and commercial sector of the nation, which is now the worst hit ever. They outlined talks between the Maoists and the political parties as the only solution to the problem. Politicians called for a joint effort among the political parties to deal with the present national crisis at an inaugural function of the sixth general meeting of the NNMP, here on Thursday."The destructive acts of the Maoists have caused a state of terror in the nation and to solve this problem all the political parties must work together," said Sushil Koirala general secretary of Nepali Congress (NC). "The concept of the broader democratic alliance is to call all the political parties together to form a joint effort to solve the crises of the country. As per the all party meeting we will launch special programmes to create political awareness in the different parts of the country," he added."The government tried its best to create an environment of talks between the Maoists and government, but this resulted in nothing except four months of ceasefire that created a chance for the Maoists to strengthen themselves and prepare for more destruction. Now it is the turn of the Maoists to give up their destructive acts and hold talks with the government. It will not take much time to solve the Maoists problem if all the political forces unite and work truly for the solution", added Koirala.Second vice president of Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), Rajendra Khetan, said that now the whole nation is concerned with peace and security and political parties are trying to solve the Maoists problems by making amendments to the constitution. He stressed a need to find solution to the problem. "The Marwari community should think and work for intense industrialisation, development of commerce and trade, providing basic needs to the people who must be more responsible towards the development of the nation," he said."We are capable of making foreign investors invest in Nepal, which would help to strengthen the Nepali economy, but we cannot guarantee them a state of peace in the country, which makes them hesitate," said famous industrialist and advisor to the NNMP Mohan Gopal Khetan. He said that the Marwari community has been helping the development of the country through commerce and trade for the past eight decades. "The basic cause of the crisis in the country is economic recession. The per person development investment has dropped by 50 per cent in the past ten years, administrative and general expenditure has doubled, inflation has increased ten times, but national production is increasing at the rate of four percent and state loans have reached Rs three trillion," said Shanker Lal Kedia president of NNMP. "The revenue officers are enjoying more authority and thus turning more autocratic, which has affected the tax payers. The state should encourage investors by providing facilities and subsides," he added.