Mayor, Deputy Mayor at odds over Rani Pokhari reconstruction

KATHMANDU: The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu are at loggerheads over reconstruction of the historic Rani Pokhari.

The Kathmandu Metropolis Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya has been adamant about reconstructing the pond as per ‘modern’ standards, despite protests from locals and activists.

On the other hand, his deputy Hari Prabha Khadgi has now stepped into the scene to apparently stop ‘concretisation’ of the pond.

Talking to THT online, Deputy Mayor Khadgi said that there were no disputes as such.

“My concern is that the reconstruction process must not depreciate the heritage value of the pond,” she said. “Should that happen, I will act to make sure such action is checked.”

Khadgi on Monday had publicly stated that she would use her authority to stop something of historical value being played with, and Rani Pokhari being a heritage site should not be meddled with in the name of reconstruction.”