Media distorted Prachanda’s remark: Badal

Kathmandu, June 1:

There is no difference between the People’s Republic and the Democratic Republic because Communists cannot go ahead in a traditional manner, a senior Maoist leader said today.

Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ today said this while addressing a press meet organised by Himalayan Press Club. He also defended CPN-Maoist chairman Prachanda by saying that the media distorted his comments on People’s Republic.He said Prachanda only meant to say that an adverse situation might develop if parties failed to cooperate on the issue of leadership.

“As per the people’s mandate other political parties should assist the government led by the Maoists,” he said adding that the political parties need to come to conclusion on all major issues before the next Constituent Assembly meeting. “Seeking other alternatives could be suicidal for all of us,” he said.

The People’s Liberation Army should be managed as soon as possible because it is becoming a burden to the party, he said. He said the para-military structure within the YCL would be dismantled. He also informed that objection on the part of the fringe parties has delayed nomination of 26 CA members.

He also clarified that a person could not be the supreme commander of both the Nepal Army and the People’s Liberation Army.

CPN UML leader Iswor Pokhrel, however, said Maoists should garner a two-third majority support in the CA to form a government or should agree that to the provision whereby a government can be formed or dissolved on the basis of a simple majority. He was of the view that new bases for agreement should be thrashed out in the changed political context.

Criticising Maoist chairman Prachanda’s statement that the party should be given the post of president and the prime minister both, Khanal said: “Maoists sho-uld seek support from other parties instead of provoking them. They should come up with their proposal to integrate the PLA.”

NC leader Dr Narayan Khadka said Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has not resigned to prevent creation of power vacuum, which might result in interference by some other power centre.

He said he has proposed that the Maoists should be allowed to take the lead of the government and also be asked to garner a two-third majority in the CA within a month.

He warned of differences among the political parties if PLA integration is not done at the earliest.