‘Mediapersons can play a significant role in curbing burn violence’

Kathmandu, February 11

An orientation among mediapersons on burn violence was held here today.

The programme was organised by Burns Violence Survivors Nepal. At the programme, participants discussed causes of burn violence and stressed the role of media in curbing such incidents.

Speakers also talked about accidents that lead to serious burn injuries and other ill practices that force people, especially women, to self-immolate.

“Media should be loud and clear in reporting cases of burn violence,” said Bhusan Dahal, a mediaperson.

Speakers also suggested highlighting the news related to burn violence and its survivors. They also talked about how media can play a significant role in controlling burn violence.

Similarly, speakers at the event informed about burn treatment available in Nepal.

“Burn survivors do not immediately inform why and how they became burn victims. But if we make them believe that we can fight for their cause and handle their case sensitively, they finally reveal the truth,” said Dr Ishwor Lohani, Head of Department of Plastic Surgery and Burn Unit at Maharajgunj-based Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital.

According to Tribuvan University Teaching Hospital, 78 people were admitted to the hospital in the fiscal 2016-17. Of them, 32 were male and 46 female.

“We need to provide counselling to the victims,” added the doctor. To reduce the number of burn cases, moral education should be included in school curriculum,” opined Dr Lohani.

As per the Ministry of Health, 55,902 people suffer from burn violence each year in the country where 153 people are victimised each day. Since January 2010 till 2017 a total of 249 people have become the victims of acid attack, as per BVS-Nepal. However the country lacks an intensive care unit for the burn victims at hospitals.