Medical gear sought from India, China

Kathmandu, March 22

As the threat of COVID-19 pandemic looms large, the Government of Nepal has requested the government of India and China to provide medical equipment required to diagnose and treat coronavirus patients.

The list of equipment sought by the government from India include 50,000 pieces of personal protective equipment (level 1), 100,000 pieces of PPE (level 2), 10,000 pieces of PPE (level 3), 500,000 pieces of PCR test kits, 100,000 pieces of VTM, 150,000 pieces of N95 masks, 10,000 infrared thermometers, 20 pieces of portable PCR, 60,000 pieces of portable PCR reagents, 20 pieces of ABG machines, five oxygen plants, 2,000 pieces of intubation sets, 20 pieces of autoclaves weighing 300 kg, 20 pieces of CRRT machine and 200,000 pieces of surgical gloves.

The government sought the same quantity of equipment from China. However, the quantity of some equipment sought from China is relatively higher. The government has sought 10,000 PPE (level 3), 100,000 pieces of PCR test kits and 150,000 pieces of N95 masks from China. It has also sought 100 pieces of portable ventilator with monitor and 19 mobile ambulances with lab from China.