Medical teams dispatched to investigate Sindhupalchok flu

KATHMANDU: Emergency Management Committee of Sindhupalchok district has stated that the news regarding coronavirus-like flu in the district has come to it notice and that a special medical team from District Department of Health have been dispatched to Gumba VDC for further research.

The committee through a press release has said that there in no need to panic as the local health workers have identified the symptoms as belonging to seasonal flu. "The team will, however, conduct further investigations and get to the bottom of the situation," the statement says.

Meanwhile, Mahendra Prasad Shrestha, spokesperson at the Ministry of Health and Population said a team of medical experts will be sent to examine local residents of Gumba village tomorrow.

Chief of Rural Municipality, Hominarayan Shrestha said the common cold and fever has affected more than 200 in the rural municipality. The patients who have been suffering from the illness since three days are being treated since Wednesday morning.

Currently, patients are under clinical observation. Many locals were frightened when the symptoms of the disease appeared to be similar to the Corona virus.

Earlier, panic had spread as local authorities wrote a letter to Ministry of Health stating locals in Gumba village are suffering from cold, cough and high fever, which match the symptoms of coronavirus infection.