Meet on impact of climate change held

Lalitpur, October 22:

Experts have lauded the need to be conscious over the health hazards caused due to climatic changes.

“Analysis of data relating to health problems, acquired from various sources, have suggested that change in the climate has had an adverse effect in the people’s health condition,” said Dr Bandana Pradhan, associate professor at the Institute of Medicine of Tribhuvan University, while presenting a case study on impact of climate change on human health’ at a workshop recently organised by Local Initiative for Biodiversity, Research and Development.

Presenting another paper Dr Puja Lama said many medical professionals were not aware of the potential impact of climatic changes in the human health. She said only 40 to 60 per cent of the medical doctors she had surveyed said they were aware of the impact. She also said communicable disease outbreak, vector borne diseases, maladjustment with living environments, respiratory, gastrointestinal and skin diseases are some of the impacts of the climate change.

Dr Lama said there is a need of research on climate change and disease pattern.