Meet on quake awareness

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, January 16

Minister for Information and Communication, Kamal Thapa, today called for coordination among all community institutions for prevention of natural disasters that threaten the coutnry. He was addressing a function held to mark the Nepal Earthquake Safety Day.

The theme was "Making Nepal Earthquake Resilent By 2020 AD", and the Disaster Management Committee organized an earthquake awareness rally here which began at Bhugol Park and ended at Khula Manch. Earlier, officials from Home Ministry, Kathmandu Metorpolitan City and others paid tribute to the victims of the 1934 earthquake, at the memorial monument at Bhugol Park. The minister stressed the importance of awareness at various levels on measures to take for preventing casualties during earthquakes.

Mayor of Kathmandu Municipality Keshav Sthapit called for awareness building and safety measures that would help minimise damage caused by earthquakes. Prof Jib Raj Pokharel, president of Nepal Engineers Association said that it is the responsibility of engineers to make the Valley earthquake-safe, and that they should encourage people to make houses considering the earthquake probability. He also called for new building codes.

Pamplets and banners bearing information about earthquakes were put up for display. A large turnout of people from differnt fields including students and public participated in the rally.