Men Fridays of palace hail change

Kathmandu, May 20:

Over 500 employees in the Naryanhiti Royal Palace today spent a day in bewilderment, after the House of Representatives endorsed the proposal to dismiss the palace’s Rajprasad Sewa.

These civilians in the palace are employed through the traditional mechanism of Rajprasad Sewa. The terms of service don’t require educational background or expertise in most cases. These employees include caretakers of personal possessions, nannies, cooks, gardeners, cleaners and others.

“We reached the palace today without knowing that it was declared a public holiday. Most of us except the hakims were present,” a staffer told this daily.

He said that the new system would create problems for only a dozen senior employees who had extended their tenure even after retiring.

“In the past, the system was running through personal relationships and nepotism, with those with contacts and clout getting promotions like a chakari system where family background mattered. Now, we expect a more liberal working atmosphere in the future,” he added.

He quoted his seniors as saying said that a new secretary would be coming to revamp the old system shortly.