Minister promises to help Badis

Kathmandu, August 26:

Minister for Agriculture and Co-operatives Chhabi Lal Bishwokarma today assured to help the Badi community, saying that he would raise their genuine demands before the cabinet. He pledged to draw the attention of the Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Ram Chandra Poudel who is looking into their issues.

Speaking at a programme held by the Badi Rights Struggle Committee (BRSC) at the Reporters’ Club Nepal, he said: “The women from the Badi community should not be indecent and should be patient”. “The Constituent Assembly election is the only solution to all problems,” he added.

Leaders from various parties said that the 12-point charter of demands of women from the Badi community are genuine and urged the government to meet their demands.

Expressing solidarity with their demands, Uma Adhikari, central member of the Nepali Congress Democratic, said: “They (Badis) are Nepalis, so they should get same respect and privileges that one gets being a Nepali citizen.”

BRSC chairman Uma Devi Badi said they are compelled to ‘sell themselves’ to 20 customers per day because they have to feed their children and families. Badi women also staged a sit-in at the Reporters’ Club and rallied around the city.