Minister stresses on practical education, skill

Kathmandu, December 6

Education Minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel today stressed the need for promoting practical education for the development of the country.

Inaugurating the national conference on lifelong education, Minister Pokharel said the Nepali society should give priority to practical knowledge over bookish knowledge. “We evaluate a person in terms of his/her academic achievements.

We should evaluate people in terms of their skills and expertise,” he said, adding, “In the age of international competition, we need to change out mindset and build an educational system that prioritises practical knowledge.”

“Lifelong education system is a means for achieving professional development,” he said, stating that it will help incorporate those who do not have formal degrees.

He said that Nepal government launched National Literacy Campaign to implement the work plans of Education for All formulated in Dakar Conference in 2000.

Still 300,000 Nepali citizens between 15 and 60 years are illiterate and 3.8 per cent children have been deprived of education.