Minister’s call for better education system

Kathmandu, September 18:

Minister for Education and Sports, Pradeep Nepal, today said that Nepal should have a federal state mechanism for improving all sectors in the country.

Speaking at an interaction on “Rationale and Future Direction of National Campaign for Right to Education” organised by Action Aid Nepal and National Human Rights Foundation, Nepal said: “Federal state mechanism would be appropriate for the betterment of education sector as well as other sectors.”

He said that lack of funds has impacted the government’s several educational programmes. “We lack Rs 8,000 million to complete education project and ensure the guarantee of education as mentioned in the constitution,” he added.

Prof Kapil Shrestha said that right to education is the major human right, but policy-makers and government officials could not recognise the importance of education.

Prof Bijaya Kanta Karna, Nepal’s Ambassador to Denmark, said that the system of hierarchy in education is inviting conflict. He said: “The unequal education quality being practised in Nepal is cultivating conflict.”

He further said that poor people from various sectors are unable to receive education in their own mother tongues. “Receiving education in mother tongue is the first right of a child, therefore, the government should scrap the provision of providing education in national language,” he added.

He also suggested the government to launch mass education campaign to ensure children’s right to education and reduce drop out rate in rural areas.

Dr Sundar Mani Dixit said that the every household is responsible to provide informal education about moral lessons to children.