Ministry changes, not website!

KATHMANDU: The official website of the erstwhile Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology has not changed though the government has split the ministry into two.

A decision taken by the Cabinet on June 22 had split the ministry into Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Science and Technology.

The website, however, features the same old names, offices, designations and responsibilities.

Minister for Environment Thakur Prasad Sharma took his oath on July 28, but the website does not have his name.

Ministry of Science and Technology, on the other hand, is yet to get the minister and

the secretary.

Ministry of Environment was merged with Ministry of Science and Technology in 2004.

“Frequent changes of responsibility have made it difficult to perform the duties smoothly,” said an MoE staffer.

Another staffer admitted that the website had not been updated. “We hesitate to give the

name of our website to our foreign friends since it is hardly ever updated,” he added.

Many government websites are not updated and there is little information available.

In the failure to host it effectively, service seekers have been compelled to visit the offices in person even for small bits of information, wasting time and money.

At a time when the government has been talking of e-governance, such delays are but a mockery of its own plans.