MoFALD directive aims to protect consumer rights

Kathmandu, November 12

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development has developed a model ‘Market Monitoring Directive’ for the local levels to protect the rights and interests of consumers by maintaining ethical business practice in the market as per Schedule 8 of the constitution.

The concerned local level shall form a seven-member committee led by chief or deputy chief of the local level to develop necessary provisions and carry out market monitoring. “The committee shall conduct surprise monitoring of supply and distribution of consumer goods and initiate legal action against anyone found indulging in unfair trade practices,” reads the directive.

It requires the committee to hold its meeting at least once a month. As per the directive, local levels shall make the market system responsible to consumers by implementing the laws in force.

“The local levels are supposed to raise consumer awareness of their rights from the very ward levels and monitor business registration, renewal, invoices, goods and services, quality, labeling, standard and metrology, among other things,” it states.

The local levels should determine the standards of the point of sale of vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and diary products besides making separate provisions for slaughterhouse. A consumer may file a complaint against any businessperson at the local levels in case of suspicion of any unfair business practice.  On receipt of the complaint, the local level shall depute a monitoring team to the godown or point of sale to confirm the allegations before initiating legal action.