Kathmandu, August 11 The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development has warned Kathmandu Metropolitan City, and all sub-metropolis and municipalities that many of them were yet to implement Section 96 (2) of the Local Self-Governance Act, 2006 which require them to pass the design of houses and buildings to be constructed in the municipal areas. As per the law, the local bodies are required to frame land-use map of the municipality area, prepare housing plan, develop green zones, parks and recreational places, and approve designs of houses and buildings to be constructed. A circular issued by the MoFALD yesterday has strongly directed them to implement these issues, while reminding them to enforce Basic Standards on Settlement Development, Urban Planning and Building Construction, 2015. The Act and standards aim to build resilient communities in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes of April 25 and May 12 that resulted in huge loss of lives and property. The local bodies have been instructed to approve the blueprints for new buildings on the basis of new standards. House owners will be required to conclude an agreement with a technician for supervision of the entire construction process for approval of blueprint. Owners found to have bypassed the National Building Code will be asked to demolish illegal structures. If they fail to do so within the given time, the local authorities will demolish the buildings.The expenses for the demolition will be borne by house owners.