MoHP to mobilise volunteer medical workforce

KATHMANDU: The government has been preparing to mobilise volunteer medical workforce in its efforts for the prevention and control of coronavirus infection.

The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) formed a committee coordinated by Vice-Chair of Medical Education Commission, Shree Krishna Giri and includes Ministry's Chief Specialist Roshan Pokhrel, Joint-Secretary Dr Gunaraj Lohani, and representative from the Ministry of Education, Deepak Sharma.

The committee has so far prepared details of over 2,000 medical personnel -- 527 doctors and 1,486 nurses -- who have graduated from several medical colleges and wish to volunteer in the COVID-19 preventive and control efforts.

Earlier, the government had decided to mobilise retired doctors and those who studied on government scholarships in the battle against the virus.

They will be mobilised either as volunteers or with minimum facilities for three months.

According to the Ministry, if private sectors wish to join the government service, they will be adjusted in their present working posts and will be mobilised in the campaign against COVID-19.