Morning walk key to good health, says doc

Kathmandu, June 1

The levels of air pollution have increased 85 micrograms per cubic meter more than the average standard of 40 micrograms per cubic meter in Kathmandu over the years.

However, doctors say morning time is still favourable for getting fresh air and doing physical exercises, although a lot of people are suffering from various health complications due to increasing air pollution.

“The general perception that morning walk has become harmful to health due to air pollution is a wrong notion,” said Dr Ram Krishna Chandu of Siddhi Memorial Hospital, Bhaktapur. “Morning walk can never cause adverse health effects. It helps people maintain physical fitness and keep diseases at bay.”

He blamed the media for spreading wrong information. “Of course, the pollution levels are high in the morning and evening, but this doesn’t mean that this makes morning walk harmful. The pollution affects not only the morning walkers but also the people who stay in bed.”

Doctor Chandu advised everyone to do regular exercise. “Regular exercise is the key to good health. Patients of heart diseases and blood pressure need more exercise,” he said.