Motorbike, cultural rallies mark Nepal Sambat New Year

Kathamndu, October 23:

Various programmes were organised in the Valley today to mark New Year 1127, Nepal Sambat.

Three separate motorcycle rallies were held in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur to mark the event.

The event in Kathmandu, that saw 300 motorcycles, was organised by the United Youth Club of Tankeshwor.

Similar rallies were also organised by the Hapaa Guthi at Thecho in Lalitpur and the Shiwa Saymi Khala of Thimi in Bhaktapur.

Participants at the rallies greeted the public on the New Year and demanded the government immediately recognise Nepal Sambat as Nepal’s national calendar.

A cultural rally was organised in Lalitpur by Nepalbhasha Makha Khalaa Yala in the morning. Around 37 traditional musical troupes along with representatives from 33 social organisations marched along the streets.

In the concluding function, Deputy Prime Minister KP Oli said the democratic government is positive in recognising the Nepal Sambat.

Addressing the function, Maoist leader Dev Gurung said all conflicts in the country will end after the establishment of a federal republic with ethnic autonomy to all communities.

Dr Pushpa Raj Rajkarnikar, a member of the National Planning Commission, cultural expert Satya Mohan Joshi and chairman of Nepalbhasha Mankaa Khala Yala Suresh Pradhan also addressed the function.

A cultural rally was also organised by the Wadey Mankaa Khalaa at Chapagaon in the morning. A similar rally was also organised in Khokana by the Nhuda Hanaa Moo Samaroha Samiti & Muna Swan Puchaa. About 500 women and 200 men from nine areas took part in the “morning rally.” All of them donned traditional costumes.

The participants also performed Mhapuhja in all the temples in the area.

A ‘candle walk’ was also organised at Bagbazar in the evening by the Bihanchuli Guthi.

The whole of Thimi was decorated with gates and banners. Locals competed in decorating their areas. The competition was organised by the Situ Pucha: Thimi. A Sukunda rally was also organised there.