It may sound bizarre, but a municipality office has been rendering its service from a single room since its operation.

Ramechhap Municipality was formed merging Ramechhap, Okhreni and Sujakor VDCs.

To everyone’s surprise, the municipality office is rendering its services from a single room. The room has to accommodate staff from Executive Officer to general employee and service seekers. Be it an all-party meeting or normal gathering called to settle disputes, the meeting is held in the same room.

The room has a chair for Executive Officer, two shelves and three sets of tables and chairs for other staffers to perform their duty.

Ramechhap VDC was running its office from the one rented room in a two-roomed non-cemented building. Ever since the municipality was declared seven months ago, it has been using the same room for its office.

During seven months, three executive officers have changed. The infrastructure, however, has not changed. The room next to the municipality office has been rented to the Youth Club.

To add to their woes, employees and service seekers at the municipality office have to use the public toilet. “The situation at the office is bad as we are forced to work in a crunched space,” the executive officer said.

The local party mechanism has failed to identify land for the municipality office. The committee formed to identify the land is yet to submit its report.