NAFEA demands recall of Ambassador Niranjan Basnyat

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA) has demanded that the government recall Ambassador for Malaysia Niranjan Basnyat.

At a press meet here on Thursday, Association Chair Bimal Dhakal alleged Ambassador Basnayt of causing more financial burden on the Nepalis who reached Malaysia in search of employment in cohoots with organisations like VLN Nepal, Biometric, Migrame and ICS, involved in the visa processing for Nepali migrant workers.

The Association also appealed to the government to shut these organisations as they were allegedly operating illegally and overcharging the Nepali migrant workers.

The Association alleged Ambassador Basnyat of barring its team included in the trip of Minister for Labour and Employment Deepak Bohara, who is presently on a visit to Malaysia, from holding a meeting with the Malaysian Labour Minister.

Moreover, Ambassador Basnyat has been accused of protecting these organisations rather than taking action against them.

The Association has also demanded that Nepal sign a Labour Agreement with Malaysia within the next three months to ensure rights of Nepali migrant workers.